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                                                 Alma's Show Gallery


The Burlesque Boudoir

Alma’s golden antique bath tub is the newest piece of her property-room. Her Burlesque Budoir Show visaulizes a sensual bathroom scene...  After getting rid off her clothes, she dips into the foam and in the sea of colourful soap-bubble clouds...


The Fallin' Angel

Snow-white seduction and sensuality in the air ...

The production of Alma called Fallin’ Angel was inspired by the movie  City of Angels,  she turns into an angel in 5 m height by changing her clothes in the air, while the stage is being flooded  by the light of UV lamps.  Her  dazzling accessories,  enormous feather boas and fans make more spectacular this splendid megaproduction.

The Feather Swing

Beautiful and classic Moulin Rouge scene of Paris, dissolving smoke on the huge stage , and Alma appears in the air sitting on her swing, which is decorated by feathers. .. The show continues on the stage, where -after her classic dance production, she finishes the glamour scene with a sensual  splashing in her giant burlesque champagne glass.


This is the most prominent show of Alma, wherewith she fascinated the Canadian audience in 2006 and 2007 and took the 1st place of the Exotic Dance World Championship.

Appearing from a huge flower as a caterpillar she turns to a beautiful butterfly in 7 m height.

After the Canadian victory she has performed all around the world with this show,  Metamorphosis is her most popular production.

Alma's Carousel Horse

This show is  sweet and colourful like cotton candy, it reminds us of the world of Circus, Alma is standing as a statue doll in the beginning,  until the ring master whips her with a huge silver key... after that the circus cavalcade begins, where Alma rides her sparkling carousel horse, and performs acrobatic tricks on the carousel pole.

Colourful confetti rain covers the whole stage in the final.

Aerial Hoop Burlesque

Alma’s second acrobatic aerial gymnactic tool is aerial hoop, which is the most feminime stage-property of aerial performances.  She is fond of using this prop by her burlesque productions, thus she turns to a real Diva not just on the ground, but also in the air.

Marilyn Monroe

Alma’s fav beau ideal since her childhood is the legendary Marilyn Monroe, she has been always amazed by her effeminancy and charm. She  steps  into Marylin’s skin in this evocative production.

The wind blows her white clothes up above her waist, while she is singing the song ’I wanna be loved by you’ into her microphone from 50’s.


One of Alma’s most popular shows, whereabout special French champage is combined with  luscious strawberry, she is really fascinating in her pink burlesque outfit with her enormous feather fan.

Strawberry and champagne perfectly match,  the champage emphasizes the flavour of the juicy strawberry, so that Alma dips into her  crystalline champagne glass, much to the delight of the audience!  Good few people would taste this refreshing and hot coctail  at the same time...



Alma had been performing on the stage of Moulin Rouge for 1 year, her very first champagne glass show was inspired by Dita Von Teese in 2007.  The most original combination is the revu of the 60’s with the indispensable champagne. Alma represents this style perfectly.

The Voyeaur

A really  seductive secret fantasy, wherethrough a huge keyhole which is perfused with purple lights, we can be eyewitnesses of a sensual striptease of the unartful Alma


Air Diamond

Diamond's are the girls best friend....


Alma incarnates sensuality and seduction in the air as wearing her sparkling dress, which is decorated with more than 300 Swarowski crystals.  She performs her aerial production in 5 m height, which is flavoured with effeminancy and charm… Her body is like being naked, wrapped into the silk fabric and sparkling crystals.

Marie Antoinette

Alma’s new show, ‘Marie Antoinette’ is classic and attracting, closely reflects elegance, charm and lust of the French queen consort. The beautiful white farthingale and spectacular petal rain makes more elegant this classic performance.


Powder puff boudoir

Every 1940’s Pinup girls’ dream is the huge pink powder-puff, with witch Alma’s full body is being glittered. Her beautiful dressing-gown is decorated with more than 3000 Swarovski crystals and her Salvador Dalí-Bocca Sofa is sparkling in silver. This is the real Glamour Boudoir, the dream of every real women!

La Rouge

In this Show Alma appears on the scene as a beautiful red Goddess, a real “Famme Fatale”. Every men’s dream! However it ends, you definitely will be under the influence of the blonde bombshell’s Show for a while, and you will never forget it.. the champagne bath cannot be missed in the of the Show, Alma dips into her champagne glass with a huge strawberry… Seduction on a master level!

Peacock in the Bird Cage

Alma’s monumental show was created for the World Championship After Party, which was debuted on 1st October in Moulin Rouge Budapest.

With the creation of “Peacock in the birdcage” Alma wanted to put on the board something really special, which had never been performed in this aspect anywhere in the world.  Her outfit is a unique “haute couture” creation, her skirt was made of 100-metre-long fabric. At the intro the shape of her skirt is supported by a 3,5 metre-tall cage.

This show is abounding in acrobatic and flexible show elements and is a special rarity! Only for epicures!  


Fetish Noir Show

Alma shows up in a new role she never did before, as Fetish Burlesque Diva, dressed in black latex from head til toe... In her dynamic and exciting show she performs aerial gymnastics and at the end she dips into a gold bath descending from the air.


Poledance Shows

Flexibility, momentum, dinamics, power, effeminacy and grace on pole...and YES, It's still Sexy...

Air Diamond

Alma incarnates sensuality and seduction in the air as wearing her sparkling dress, which is decorated with more than 300 Swarowski crystals.  She performs her aerial production in 5 m height, which is flavoured with effeminancy and charm… Her body is like being naked, wrapped into the silk fabric and sparkling crystals.

Marmaid Show

Marmaid Show

Aerial Bondage Show

Aerial Bondage Show