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About Alma


The most famous exotic dancer of Europe, who has conquered every part of the world with her elegant, sensual and breathtaking shows.

Her particular style is burlesque, effeminate and moderate elegance and charm, with constantly renewing show repertoire on the ground and in the air, as well.

As the sole European competitor of the 32-year-old traditional Canadian Exotic Dance World Cup 2006/2007, she carried all before oneand won the 1st prize with her sensual aerial production when from being a caterpillar she turned into a beautiful butterfly in 8 m height.

There are at least as many female fans of her as male ones in the audience, her smashing productions, fancy and dazzling accessories and haute couture outfits amaze everyone.

We have admired her three times on the cover of Playboy, besides this, she has appeared in many Hungarian and foreign male magazines.

Alma is performing all around the world, from Australia to Canada, where her professionalism, charismatic personality and unique shows carry her audience with her.

Her life is all about glamour, that flavours her everyday life as well, her creativity is unbounded, to come what may.

In her free time she desperately fights for animal protection and supports new talents to obtain self-actualization in the maze of show-biz.

In the meantime, she has been working for several years to give every bits and pieces of seduction and sensuality to everyday women and since 2003 she has built up with extraordinary perseverance and faith the Dollhouse Empire from nothing.

She is Alma.


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